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2014-01-01 13:00:20
give us a class thats better suited for dual wield after 250 other then rog types

Not at this stage.

2014-01-01 20:55:41
make it where paladins can either pick from 2hander or a sword and board if they want to tank. make the onhanded and shield nicely enchanted with stats off sabre and worldtree shield or something No, the switchover to current mechanic was very deliberate. Enchant

your sword with defensive options. It actually works well.

2014-01-02 13:14:42
druid. hobbling arrow @ lowhero. %chance to vs knee mobs.

Too similar to existing skills.

2014-01-02 13:15:55
arrows of conductivity @ lord. slight increase to electic damage vuln. stackable to a max amount

Maybe, but potentially infringes on mnk/shf plans.

2014-01-02 13:15:55
arrows of combustability @ lord. slight increase to fire damage vuln. stackable to a max amount

as above

2014-01-02 13:16:57
horrifying arrows. either high hero or lowish lord. %chance to work like fear spell

Already got quite a few similar abilities which are rarely used.

2014-01-03 16:02:46
racial sneak and racial move hidden should not fail.

Why? If they fail - retry.

2014-01-03 17:02:49
Make stab damage weapons function for piercing required skills I tend to agree but at this stage it would involve going through a bunch of wields to ensure that there aren't any stabbing damage wields

which are too good compared to piercers.

2014-01-03 23:56:29
A form for submitting poses on the website, just like for socials.


2014-01-04 00:46:35
When a group leader uses groupstat, can we get this to be displayed to the group leader only by default and add an option to display to group? Or just an option to display to self only. I like to use this command when leading, but have abandoned it because it spams the group.

to ideas.

2014-01-04 15:51:56
bash door should trigger shield charges. :D


2014-01-04 18:45:58
have reputation show up in abilities command Nah, would be score if anything I think. You can always alias it into

an existing command.

2014-01-04 19:14:26
Please don't give assassins pick lock. The assassin knows when the target will unlock the door willingly, using his nature against him. He is a killer of men, not of locks.


2014-01-04 19:35:38
make paladin shield and 1handed so paladins can enchant them with healing/mana ac and such. paladins dont have to be big hitters. they would server great as a healer/support. They can tank with their pal wields really well. They can also use their oaths to spec into other roles as required. That is how they are

designed. Most people use them far too 1 dimensionally.

2014-01-05 02:34:26
give archers wall of thorns at lord to allow them to benifit runs more, Barkskin, and an affinity towards nature kind of seem in theme, so wall should as well.


2014-01-05 03:58:05
i can't recall if i already idea'd this, sorry for duplicate if so. there should be a Most Wanted list or something, like a top10 for reputation

Has already been brought up.

2014-01-05 14:21:55
a throwing net which is a throwing item that can entangle a mob, doing minimal damage but prevents them from fleeing. chance of being destroyed on use

Too similar to existing skills.

2014-01-05 18:45:42
add something about a mobs size relative to yours in the consider command output. for example 'This mob is bigger than you.'

Already tasked

2014-01-05 19:01:47
as a way to get rid of unused alts, have one day or some short time, where any level alt can be deleted and you can put its xp onto another alt on your playlist (obviously one that is not getting deleted). No. There is already a very strict ruling regarding deleting alts as it has called a lot of work/hassle/admin for imm staff. This would

just cause more of that.

2014-01-05 22:43:25
Please remove the puke social, I don't see a need for people to be puking on other players.

This keeps you up at night?

2014-01-07 09:34:58
make the defence enchant on paladin weapon -88ac so it can be compared to sword and shield at least.

to ideas: set ac to 30 per enchant. (up from 20)

2014-01-07 10:00:00
give paladins a oath or prayer for %chance to crit heal

Hrm, no their heal is already pretty strong when properly specced.

2014-01-07 15:20:24
share the same board (notes) status among altlist

would be part of an accounts system.

2014-01-07 23:33:58
If a trainer can't train you because they are a different class, the plain 'practice' command (or 'prac 0') shouldn't say "Soandso looks you over carefully and tells you" which suggests they can

bug fix

2014-01-08 12:17:47
allow dart and/or blast bolt to take min(item level, caster/player level) into account for damage, assuming it doesn't already. would be nice to see hero level items doing more than ***MAULING Not a bad idea but it would never be greater than dw style damage so I

doubt it would be used.

2014-01-08 12:25:03
can we have a skill that lets us see the condition of treasure-type items? very helpful considering how much gear is type treasure and the comparatively low gear hp of same.

to ideas

2014-01-08 18:10:23
moving to sanc should break web.

Why? Recall set. Sanctum. Recall. Instant clear?

2014-01-09 20:54:18
give asns insightful strike ii! +5% chance of critical hit!

Just power without any drawbacks are to be avoided.

2014-01-09 20:59:46
Can we have bacon and eggs to go with the pancakes served at Moonie's Diner?

... yes.

2014-01-09 23:53:48
add mention of "seal" to portal and nexus helpfile.

Sure, documentation.

2014-01-10 02:58:20
something like chromatic dragons for ents. it could be based on different types of trees, maple, oak, etc. they would have different strengths and weakenesses, resistances, etc., and be a bit more powerful than normal ents. the quest to change could only be done after hero 101.

2014-01-10 03:04:17
cont ent: ents could change to specific type of tree at hero 101. some would be thinner and more dextrous, some hard and stronger, some better with the mind and magix, Ents are really just there for people who want to fully experience all areas at a nice sedate pace. There is no intention to expand them

beyond that.

2014-01-10 11:55:02
allow savespell to work with +-20% max moves, so it is more closely tied to "within 20%"?

No, savespell is deliberately restrictive.

2014-01-10 14:20:18
quest-based armor sets (2-3 items) which individually confer t2 bonuses, but will confer t1 bonuses when used as a complete set. Item sets are a cool idea which I'd like to implement but they will be

quite a bit of work and so they are quite far down the list.

2014-01-10 20:18:13
Sponsor a number of agents to join and promote AVATAR on pay-to-play muds which do not explicitly prohibit mud advertising of any kind.


2014-01-11 19:29:31
racial sneak and racial move hidden should not fail.

No. Please stop asking for this.

2014-01-12 21:13:54
magic lore combined with armor lore should be enough to be able to see the number of charges on a shield when examining it. instead of having to cast identify on it

ideas (check - may be tasked already)

2014-01-13 22:09:00
if a mob turns away from a player (asn or bci) because of reputation, there should be an opportunity for the player to get in a special attack, i guess a backstab? this could be a skill that when practiced was automatic.

Something being considered but will also require some form of drawback.

2014-01-15 01:08:40
can we have # of lord 999 levels in score under incarnation?

No. I'd rather not add an additional field for such a limited use.

2014-01-15 01:09:10
and can we also rooks-pad the group list so his ridiculous hitpoints don't break the symmetry of the list

Reroll Rooks!

2014-01-17 21:45:50
make a brandish like a typhus staff for sale. 10k a staff.. will put lots of gold back in the game.

It would but it would also reduce the need for healer type classes.

2014-01-17 22:50:45
assassing of the hand should be able to see sneak/movehidden. currently he doesnt recognize u at least for contract killing quest if u enter room with sneak-mh

Up to builder.

2014-01-18 05:23:32
nice job on making the dummy repop instantly. much better!

Thanks builder.

2014-01-19 01:14:12
racial mana revive, sprite, or future remort race

No - too powerful. Hp doesn't translate quite so easily into xp as does mana.

2014-01-19 02:04:47
merman vault is only open at late night, but it requires 6 people to go in... it's hard to get a group of 6 people late at night


2014-01-19 02:05:16
idea being, can we remove the limit for merman vault?


2014-01-19 10:35:32
Can we adjust the amount of damage that a fully geared t1 lord archer does, in direct comparison to a fully gear tier 1 lord warrior, by perhaps giving lord archer a self spell that boosts HR to allow for more damage?

Future additions via volley stances will be considered.

2014-01-20 21:06:43
it would be wonderful if alleg's quest prizes were at least the cost of the quest, not half the cost


2014-01-20 21:09:57
it would also be great if alleg's quest prizes weren't less than half the cost to do the quest


2014-01-21 02:07:07
we need a bow manifest for archer/asns. m175 60hr. or something of the likes to put archer/assassin in similar damage range with bzks, psis, stabbers, and anything that uses manifests


2014-01-22 12:30:59
Murugan as a proper worship option


2014-01-22 12:31:25
Human>High Human>Demigod


2014-01-22 12:32:05
aasinar race as counterpoint to demonseed race Aasimar aren't part of our mythos. The closest thing are probably fae

which are available.

2014-01-22 12:44:18
racials duration and exhaust duration should be inherently knowable as it is part of who you are. allow durations for racials prior to 25, or at least prior to magic lore, if not both

Nah, not worth changing.

2014-01-22 13:30:07
add shapeshift limits to abilities output

to ideas

2014-01-22 15:07:23
when entering or leaving eragora have recall reset to default

I don't think this is needed.

2014-01-22 17:09:20
Can we implement a 'legendlist' function, and ideally colour coordinate the names with the teams they are on? |Y|Gold|N|, |BK|Silver|N|, and |BB|Azure|N|? HELP LEGENDLIST

Teams are not displayed by design.

2014-01-24 11:14:09
make kelps aggressive and remove auto-cr from kelps to balance the area more


2014-01-24 12:16:35
would it be possible to have timed insignias crumble after the welcome back message on login? it is quite easily missed prior to the motd screen.

not going to task but coder welcome to move it.

2014-01-24 14:08:36
remove EHA its the cancer on avatar


2014-01-24 14:11:39
or make eha unenterable by sublevels less than 250


2014-01-25 01:35:47
a bzk rite for partying

Everyone has it except it is a social and it is called "boogie".

2014-01-26 01:33:00
wizards should get arcane Crafting, maybe.

I'd prefer to have expanded general crafting before adding specifics to classes.

2014-01-26 08:50:27
There should be keep flag that can be toggled on and off on items. The keep flag will exclude items that has the flag when using drop all or sell all. I don't really want an express flag for this. We could possibly add something that only drops uninsured/unbound items I guess but there

already are quite a few inventory management options via etch.

2014-01-26 19:21:11
give us a reboot gear still out there command please.... we are loyal we deserve it

Tentative plans for similar exist ... maybe.

2014-01-26 22:34:28
withdraw n gemstones as a command so I don't have to loop 50 wihdraw ruby No one likes a rich show off! I don't believe the time taken to

implement this is worth the time it would save players.

2014-01-27 11:49:48
give prs harmonize at 800 as cleric gets cleanse at 800 Clerics used to get cleanse at legend anyway. This was a way of enabling them to keep a skill for their non-legend form pfile. Afaik

prs never got harm anyway.

2014-01-28 19:25:18
have scar make air hammers

Uh... no?

2014-01-29 15:30:32
Allow the list command (for shopkeepers) to accept a level so I get only items of that level or higher (or maybe that level and up to five more)


2014-01-30 01:27:37
add wzd slot for help highest

Not tasking - willing coder can pickup if they like.

2014-01-30 07:43:08
Have the shops say "We have 0 gold atm" and NOT take the item instead of swindling players.

Known issue.

2014-01-31 03:05:55
quest point catalog prize which removes a prize insignia, allowing the player a chance to repeat the insignia's quest (if the player is still otherwise eligible).


2014-01-31 13:45:57
add poison type as keyword to poison missile ammo.

to ideas.

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