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2014-08-17 09:31:14
druid spell giant grow, doubles the hp of the caster, each round or second hp degrades back to normal hp in about 10 rounds.

too powerful and no drawback.

2014-08-17 19:02:08
new spell, Wall of Flowers, does same thing as Wall of Thorns but smells better


2014-08-17 19:03:25
for lord dru only, a spell to modify wall of thorns such that the plants blossom and any mob trying to pass the wall gets poisoned That could be allowed but would mean mobs would have to walk through the wall and get poisoned - would prefer something like that to be


2014-08-19 21:05:37
help top10_gth


2014-08-19 23:07:57
modification to consider command for fus, when mob is considered it also gives msg like 'You are much smaller than she.'


2014-08-20 12:24:05
A lord/high hero psi spell that allows a psi to pick a lock through telekinesis. Perhaps a moderate fail level for balance?

No, infringes too much on rogues.

2014-08-20 15:58:26
An ability for larger ents to enchant (or have someone enchant) their limbs to be brandishable items.

And when they poof? :)

2014-08-20 18:04:37
Display alts with their current levels when using the 'altlist' command.

to ideas

2014-08-21 10:26:17
have pgems pop at an added % (maybe 5) the first 24 hours after reboot


2014-08-21 17:02:32
Disallow botting on lord planes. Lords are powerful beings, they should be able to take care of that themselves with their alts or group members.

I doubt changing this now would be worth the fallout.

2014-08-23 03:23:06
Quest to unworship. Could be a different quest for each god, make it hard. Something epic.

I want to do something along these lines already.

2014-08-24 19:24:12
There should be some new areas added for the 30-50 low level range to make the game easier and more appealing for new players. Back in the day it was easy enough to field a 3-4 person group at those level ranges, but now a days there are rarely enough players on at those low mort ranges to field groups like that. New solo areas that are easy to level in will make Avatar more accessible to new players.


2014-08-24 20:45:07
Diverse Group Experience Bonus - THis would apply to the hero level range. A substantial XP Reward for having a diverse group (Minimum 5 players, representing 5 different archtypes). Would create more incentive to group with races/classes that don't neccessarily contribute the most damage. Especially if the Exp reward is substantial!

There are already quite a few options available for this.

2014-08-25 13:06:35
can we please enable astraling to safe rooms? this spell has limited enough utility as it is without the ability to target mobs.


2014-08-25 22:26:17
Rogue ability Execute -- 5 minute cool down for use -- think "SURGE 8" for a mage. I think this would put them on the balance for doing menial tasks like farming hero gear with your lord character among other things that the mage is considerably better at.

Sounds like an "easy win" button.

2014-08-25 22:31:32
starter gearsets for lord characters to make the game more accessible for returning players. These gearsets don't need to compete with t0/1/2 gear, just somewhere for a returning lord character to start. Perhaps a vendor in the thorn area that sells the gear for a reasonably cheap price?


2014-08-26 07:08:05
flee should override spammed commands :D

Haha, be more careful ;)

2014-08-27 11:56:11
It would be nice if we could speed up morgue times for a cost.. say pay a million gold to reduce time by a day or something.

Up to Mimir (maybe a practice point cost?)

2014-08-28 14:52:38
Companion rescue should at LEAST last one round, it's pointless for splatty players (the ones who use companions) to have the order lag and no rounds of rescue so often

Companions aren't supposed to be as good as players - rescues will fail.

2014-08-29 17:39:21
more specialized crafting such as sor's blood ritual or archer's ebony arrow, for instance rogue could be able to craft a high level toolkit with a long cooldown, or poisons. Priest could write clarify and other scrolls, psions could create orbitable items, and other fun things I am sure all classes could gain from this.


2014-08-31 12:25:18
show +spellpower/melee % in score

Sure if we can find a spot. Also include healpow.

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Jan 16 2020 01:33
flap flap flap

Oct 22 2019 23:21
shadow @ busk

Oct 08 2019 08:57
Yay! We are back!

Oct 08 2019 08:06
yup, MUD appears to be down again

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