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2014-10-25 10:38:13
don't show names of bidders or posters

up to pulse

2014-10-25 21:16:27
Astral should work to safe rooms. It has been made in the current form for a long time, but that time has lapsed, in my opinion. It should not replace teleport, portal, or nexus, but should allow rematerializing to players in any room other than cursed. Please consider this as it is a smallish fix.

ok fine.

2014-10-26 00:09:58
can we get the archer class looked at again for lord. I love running archer, but the damage they do at lord is so sad. and spending 3 days fletching arrows to run a few runs with scatter and volley really makes playing archer a waste. could we get maybe another step in enhanced damge or a higher dam mod on held shot. Volley is very fun, but getting caught by walkers everytime and not being able to flee t

arrows can be purchased now. Will be looking at ranged stances in due course.

2014-10-26 10:39:16
one off pk event for heros and lords

they happen from time to time.

2014-10-26 19:04:56
in an effort to increase exploring and the number of areas players see, how about giving a little XP the first time a player enters a room?

Easiest would be to include specific rooms. Up to builder

2014-10-27 11:46:13
dynamic mobs which get harder as you level - maybe in rim or eragora.

spec is available

2014-10-27 17:33:52
A new feature where multiple monitor targets can be actively monitored simultaneously. Perhaps ideal for healer classes who wish to have a more efficient way to track groupmate health than simply checking group stats (difficult in large groups).


2014-10-27 17:41:39
A final suggestion. Mantra is set to lord 25, and is needed for such basic protection spells as sanctuary. May I humbly suggest revising either the level it becomes available (to hero 101), or specifically removing sanctuary from its remit and appending it to a lower level. Thank you!

It is one of the things to aim for!

2014-10-29 00:18:24
add level filter to bid command


2014-10-29 00:42:50
now that wis is important for max qi, shf should join mon and also learn the spell acumen

There are already other options available.

2014-10-29 20:48:24
quests to improve specific racials. for example, if you had racial fly you could do a quest to improve your ability to control it and thus increase racial fly benefits like negating opponents dodge, whatever else

Looking to overhaul racials completely

2014-10-30 19:12:29
a symbol for racial frenzy


2014-10-30 19:17:57
add a bid history function to track your buying / selling


2014-10-30 21:16:20
increase the amount of lord mobs that carry sulfuric ashes

up to builder

2014-10-31 09:36:43
Would it be possible to code in a no-eat flag? bit? extra? One of these days I'm afraid I'm going to do something tragic and then need a rollback, thereby squandering my one-time boon. Thanks :) for imms? hmm, so many ways we can destroy things already by mistake.

id suggest making an alias for it to prevent accidents.

2014-10-31 18:53:11
from Sems: post <obj name> <duration> <min bid> <buy price> (buy it now)

2014-10-31 18:53:37
from Sems: auction sorting ability (by time remaining)

to code (if not already done)

2014-11-02 13:18:11
giving Miloslava ice stones to sell for the Fus

do it

2014-11-02 17:42:20
for BCI hero - spell psionic dupilicate - goes in floaing slow, can be seen through (like illus shield) makes ac better -20


2014-11-02 17:43:26
for bci lord - psistab - 3x damage mindwipe (can stun) (non surge) has cd can be cast any time (req. mindwipe and assiniate)


2014-11-02 18:03:18
insignia for UD killers


2014-11-04 20:32:14
Can't remember if I've idea'd this before, but: Add miraar max shift level into abilities


2014-11-05 03:55:29
add something to 'help auction house' saying how to see a list of what is for auction. i found out it is the 'bid' command, which is not intuitive, and this is not mentioned in the help.


2014-11-05 12:06:22
Add slot information to "bid #"? Christened gears, quest gears, and gears with ambiguous names are hard to discern the slot of. Of course, players can always ask on the auction channel, too.


2014-11-05 21:37:39
lord level lockbox necrosis trap (necrosis spell trap)

to ideas

2014-11-05 21:39:01
lord level lockbox - shrapnel trap (shard storm spell)

to ideas

2014-11-10 10:28:35
more lord level spells for sor... we need some attention! :P

Nerf sor

2014-11-10 20:03:21
make scar refresh berserk on bzks


2014-11-10 20:29:20
racial for ent, they get a bound free sap that gives frenzy every 48tics

But they are passive and friendly trees

2014-11-10 20:53:26
insectoid race, with racial fly, sting, carapace, infest There is a lot more to a race than a collection of racials. I would rather improve existing races and add new lore/racials than introduce a new race

centred around a collection of racials

2014-11-11 23:23:16
an identify-type function for shoppies for items they sell (similar to the "bid #" output).

Maybe but for a fee. Ideas

2014-11-12 16:56:12
i thought this was in the works already, if so what is status? asn at lord should be able to assassinate with a bow and should have some way to use insightful with bow

They already can stab. No insightful yet (will come)

2014-11-12 17:17:18
related to my earlier idea that asn with bow should have a way to insightful on stab, asn really needs a better

arrow type, equiv dmg to ebony

2014-11-13 01:39:32
another reason there should be a psionic equiv to move hidden is that currently a psi only needs to learn hide and sneak (which have psionic alternatives that are inclass) to learn move hidden.

The cost of burning the pracs must be excruciating

2014-11-14 00:27:22
spells for dru to modify wall of thorns. could have it last longer, among other things

No. It is powerful. The short timer is needed

2014-11-14 16:09:19
prestige lord classes (only can go into them at lord)

If rather not fragment classes any further without a good reason to do so.

2014-11-15 18:46:56
make link refresh work for lords as well

It isn't tied to levels.

2014-11-15 18:48:14
fix surge


2014-11-15 20:34:13
give us a filter to turn off the companions emote crap, getting spammed by 5 companions when sleeping at sanc is rather annoying when trying to write code or in tells

to ideas - room echo with awake check option (if not already in ideas list)

2014-11-15 22:06:27
Add a "bid cancel itemnumber" command in the future... so that players could cancel a miscalculated bid within about 5 minutes.

Up to pulse

2014-11-21 04:56:09
There should be cesti for monks to imporve their to hit and damage. Gloves with either lead in them or claws or stone, etc (depending on level) and maybe poisoned ones for ths shadowfist prestige class. Just a thought.

There are some nice damage/resistance type options for monks/shfs already.

2014-11-23 17:36:56
instead of the usual dru shapechanging thing, perhaps they could have Aspects, where they focus something in particular like Eagle Aspect gives better vision for hr, or Tree Aspect gives increased armor, something else for increased healing, etc

Have some plans for druid already.

2014-11-25 18:32:00
of a room you can go into that is silenced, no regen where you can enchant/fletch/sharpen with 1/4 the lag


2014-11-26 22:57:11
dark embrace should be in class for shf as well as sor


2014-11-26 23:53:07
list quicken in abilities, like surge (ie, "You can quicken to a maximum of 9.") It doesn't vary so it would really just be taking up space. If we ever

limit/mod it per class then this would be appropriate.

2014-11-28 11:39:05
incarnation points used from a selection of insigs, regen/buffs/ stuff where people that have nice alts can get something comparable to dc quest insigs

Sorry, I don't understand.

2014-11-30 17:31:51
race with claw racial gets boots to damage for shf/mon class

Already does

2014-11-30 19:22:43
spell book usable by wzd or dru that allows more expensive version of wall of thorns that lasts twice as long


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