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Bedeiah came to Avatar in 2005, following a friend from a mud, which they played for about 10 years. Instantly, He was hooked and took his first character to lord in less then a month. He then started to work on other alts, when the Angel ranks called to him. After a few years as an Angel his was promoted to help run the Angel Host.

Bedeiah is very approachable, You can reach him by Emailing him at Bedeiah@outland.org, sending tells, or on channels. Please feel free to contact with any concerns or issues. He is here to help!


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Oct 22 2019 23:21
shadow @ busk

Oct 08 2019 08:57
Yay! We are back!

Oct 08 2019 08:06
yup, MUD appears to be down again

Oct 07 2019 06:10
hope whatevers going on with AV can be rectified, for the greater good of the community

Aug 13 2019 13:36
Glad to see everyone enjoying the anniversary events. We have more planned during August!

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Game Updates
Nov 21 2019 11:26
The Ultimate Dragon viewing room is now closed!
Nov 21 2019 11:14
The Ultimate Dragon viewing room is now open for business! Come witness the carnage!
Nov 21 2019 02:06
Durrarc successfully morphs from Hero 403 to become Lord Durrarc.
Nov 19 2019 21:00
Bar successfully morphs from Hero 615 to become Lord Bar.
Nov 19 2019 16:04
The Ultimate Dragon viewing room is now closed!